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Wedding Decorators in Tirumala,Tirupati

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Tirumala, The Abode of Lord Venkateswara Swamy is the epitome of Purity. People around the world, round the clock visit and put forth their wishes to God. Lord Venkateswara stands for this fulfillment of wishes. People feel really blessed! And what about the marriages at Tirumala just under the direct Witness of God? Incredible, we the seniormost and well experienced Sri Venkateswara Padmavathi (SVP) Wedding Planners say! We are just a call away to turn your life's memorable event into an even more memorable one.
Leave us your ideas and we shall tune. Starting right from mesmerizing Decoration to enchanting photography. We shall never let you turn an eye from us! There we stand as a team, catering according to your needs, ready to walk an extra mile for you and never go short.
Decoration stands as the heart of the wedding. We don't say its temporary; limited just to marriage but has permanent status, as it is captured in every camera click, leaving memorable impressions. Our uniqueness lies in giving utmost priority even to the minutest element in decor, as every element counts for the grandeur. Leave it in our hands and we don't give you a second thought. There lies our perfectness. Are you ready to experience and to feel enthralled by our ravishing, stunning and dazzling decoration amid mellifluous music and glittering lights?
We are not just any ordinary marriage contractors but we are certified TTD Marriage Contractors. Helping you to book the venue according to your interests.
Our services are boundless and endless as we are open for any wedding, Say Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, North Indian, and Foreign Wedding as well. Name it and we have got it. We weave your Wedding Day needs according to your choices. Every community and every state rituals vary and we are here to easily dissolve into any of that, leaving you awestruck! Worry Not for the prices as we take for what we offer and not a penny more... May it is a Special Theme Wedding, a Budget one or a Destination wedding, SVP Wedding Planners are ready to captivate you!
FOOD...the Four Lettered Word which waters everybody's mouth. We have an expertise team bagged with a lot of experience to delight you with your Favourite Cuisine. No limits for taste, we believe. May it be a North Indian style, a South Indian style Menu. We don't say, Nay. Our food activates your tastebuds and all you say is WOW!
A marriage doesn't let anybody free. But what about guests? Think not! As we are here to take care of them like our own. Right from making transport arrangements to stay and to a lot more like surprises. Pick from the list of surprises and we shall make it happen!

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