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SVP wedding organizers, we are having the youngest & Talented professional team with diverse backgrounds. who works for you to make your wedding most beautiful - breathtakingly wonderful events & weddings. We plan and perform. With a collective of a team for the experience of hundreds of weddings, the wedding Events and Wedding planners at SVP are passionate about what they do, translating each wedding into something truly unique and unforgettable and most beautiful.

SVP has offices at Tirumala and Chennai and Bangalore and Hyderabad and has strategic partnerships with famous companies in India and around the world, enabling to plan theirs at anywhere in India. Within years its eventful years of existence, SVP(Sri Venkateswara Padmavathi Catering) has to build a very impressive wedding & event planning portfolio that was Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayali, Garwahli, Coorgi and all cross-cultural weddings.

We only give the best to our clients which can change to a great output and leads to the clients satisfaction and make everyone to enjoy the wedding peacefully with lots of happiness and courage. and our presentations will be on higher prospective levels will try to give as much as we can present the best.


Chanduluri Vasudevan


We at Tirumala marriage contractor assist the wedding to our clients in a way of their tastes and willingness accordingly to their reflections


Sravan Srinivas


Our job is to execute our experience in wedding organizing & designing process to make our clients understand its a very special occasion in their lifetime. According to us, clients happiness justifies our service output.

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